Friday, August 31, 2012



time flies,it's gonna be 24 soon.

If i am the one who did wrong thing make you angry.
thanks for telling my weakness directly.
i love straight forward people.
so am i too.

thanks for letting me know more well about myself.

Everybody have their own 'pattern'.
you have your emotion part.
same as me.

if i did thing worry,i will admit it.
if not i will never go for it and i will try explain to u.
that time,u have to give me a chance by telling the truth.
if u respect me,u will know how i feel.

sorry,maybe sometimes not in a good mood?
maybe some reason happened?

please don't doubt on me!
past had gone,mean present have to BEGIN!
life is about enjoying in the moment.
present tense is going right now.
Let's CHANGE for a BETTER life~

the most important part in my life.
i really care for those people who important for me.
but end up break it off?

why they have to be that one ruin my plan? ago...
perhaps,thanks for that...
without them,i will never know how strong i could be!

6. appreciate
appreciate ppl who treat me good or bad.
thanks for their help when i need them.
heart being warm because of you.

i will always cherish the friendship between u and me.
 thats y i keep learn forgiveness on my way.

7. freedom love

deep as sea,large as sky
love is freedom.freedom is love
i love freedom,and i want freedom love.
sorry for hurting you and myself.
 love is a is a the show

Plato,one of my favor idol.
Platonic love,one of my love story.


fall for the very first time i hear when i was just a little girl
till now i found back this song
love the starting melody
lyrics so nice
keep repeat listening
LOL...i love the ending part too.
(soothing song indeed)

沒有氣象預告 透露最近會變天的消息 
沒有氣象預告 說戀愛中的民眾請多加注意 
我沒有防備 讓寒意侵入虛...

我哭了 但不許流淚 我累了 但不許坐下 
我愛了 但不許懷恨 我空了 但不許擁有 

9. recently
Most of my friends continue their study.
further study in china,uk... 

this few years,sorry for fragile heart.
all i can said: time prove everything
we need time,time need us :)
love this world.
i need to rearrange myself...reformat again...haha

beside emotional part,have to IMPROVE MYSELF!
be who i am.
be who i want to be.
DO what i like according to my plan.
FOCUS on my career.earn more life experienced and $$$ for my FUTURE!


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